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Applied Chemistry (four-year undergraduate program)

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  • Training objectives: The program aims to provide advanced talents with fundamental theory, principle knowledge and basic skills in chemistry. Graduates will also develop their ability in teaching, scientific research and management in chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, environmental and material industries. They still have opportunity to do further study as a postgraduate student in applied chemistry and other related disciplines.

    Requirements for training: Students are required to master the basic chemical theories and have the basic abilities such as doing applied research and technology development, reading foreign professional literatures, knowing the laws on intellectual property and so on. Upon graduation, students are awarded Bachelor of Science degrees.


    Key discipline: chemistry


    Main courses: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, structural chemistry, surface and colloid chemistry, organic synthesis, macromolecule chemistry and physics, principles of chemical engineering, instrumental analysis, materials chemistry, comprehensive chemical experiments.

    Employment orientations: Scientific research, teaching, and administration in industries of chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, environmental, material, food, biology and light industry.