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Chemical Engineering and Technology (four -year undergraduate program)

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  • Training objective: Students are trained to be advanced engineering professionals with knowledge on chemical engineering and technology who can do jobs of engineering design, technology development, technical management and scientific research in areas of chemical industry, oil refining, metallurgy, power resource, light industry, medicine, environmental protection, and military industry.

    Requirements for training: Students of this major mainly learn chemical engineering, chemical technology, and applied chemistry. They are trained in chemical & chemical engineering experiment skills, engineering practice, computer application, scientific research and engineering design. They are required to be basically able to optimize and innovate the modern production processes, to develop and design new production process, and to read materials in foreign languages. Upon graduation, students can get a bachelor's degree in engineering.

    Key disciplines: The key disciplines are chemistry, chemical engineering and technologies.

    Main courses: Advanced mathematics, college English, computer basis, engineering drawing, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, principles of chemical engineering, chemical thermodynamics, chemical reaction engineering, chemical separation engineering, chemical technology, fundamentals of chemical engineering equipment, Chemical Machinery, etc.

    Employment direction: Graduates of this major can work at chemical industry, light industry, medicine, oil refining, metallurgy, power resource, environmental protection, and military industry.