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Environmental Engineering (four -year undergraduate program)

  • 发布者 发布时间 2016年11月01日 17:06 浏览次数
  • Environmental Engineering, which is to be constructed to be a national featured major. This major is aimed to train advanced environmental engineering professionals on prevention and control of pollution from water, gas, noise, and solid waste; water supply & drainage engineering; water pollution control plan; and water resource protection.


    Requirements for training: Students must learn basic theories and acquire basic knowledge on environment pollution control engineering. They must learn to monitor and control waste water, waste gas, solid waste and other pollutions, learn environment quality assessment, environment planning and management, environment protection project design and do scientific research. Students get bachelor's degree in engineering upon graduation.


    Key discipline: Environmental Science and Engineering.


    The main courses: advanced mathematics, college English, computer basis, Chemical Engineering Principles, analytical chemistry, environmental microbiology, environment monitor, water pollution control project, air pollution control project, solid waste disposal, and design & principle of environment protection equipment.


    Employment direction: The graduates can do jobs of planning, design, construction, administration, education and research in departments of government, economy administration, and environment protection as well as in design institutes, companies, and research institutes, etc.